Overwatch patch 1.12 is live

The newest patch for Overwatch just hit the servers. Patch 1.12 introduces a few balance changes as well as a new map, called Horizon Lunar Colony. The map has been through some extensive testing on the PTR, but now it’s playable for everyone in all different modes of play. The map takes place in the abandoned lunar laboratory where scientist experimented on gorilla’s, including the playable character Winston. The map will be played in Assault mode and has a few low-gravity areas, which allows flying heroes like Pharah or Mercy to stay in the air even longer.

The patch also brings some significant changes to Reaper, McCree and Roadhog. The hitbox of Roadhog’s head has been reduced, so it will be harder to land headshots on the big guy. Additionaly, changes to his Scrap Gun now make the weapon fire faster but with reduced damage. The clip size was also increased by one, making it hold a total of five shots. McCree has had some trouble getting kills with his ultimate, so Blizzard made Deadeye lock on to enemies much faster. You only have o.2 seconds to start running before McCree starts locking on to you after he pronounces that it’s high noon (again). Lastly, Reaper will no longer spawn health orbs after he kills someone. Instead, the shotgun-wielding character now heals himself for 20% of the damage he deals. You can check out the full patch notes on the Overwatch site.