A new Hearthstone patch is live now

A new patch for Hearthstone just went live, adding some nifty features on top of the regular balances and tweaks. For starters, you can now complete quests in Friendly Challenges. No longer will you have to pray for a win with a deck that you’re not comfortable with, just ask a friend and practice it together. This makes earning gold a lot easier.

Blizzard also added a much-requested deck importing-feature. This allows you to copy your favourite decks onto your clipboard with the click of a button. You can then place your decklist online by simply pasting the text onto your desired medium. You can also import decks into the game by copying a card list to your own clipboard. When building a new deck, Hearthstone will recognize this and ask you if you would like to use the deck on your clipboard as a template for the deck that you’re about to build. The full patch notes can be read on the Hearthstone website.