Hands-on with the new Skills of Diablo III’s Necromancer

It’s all about Diablo at Blizzard this year. We’ve seen the 2.4.3 patch with The Darkening of Tristram in the original Diablo vibe for the 20th anniversary and the announcement of the new Necromancer class.

The Necromancer has nothing to do with the Heroes of the Storm hero Xul, it is exclusively inspired by the Priest of Rathma from Diablo II.  The new class will be the only thing added to the game without any new chapters or lore. I was invited by Blizzard to visit a private session during PAX East 2017 behind-closed-doors to check out the Female version of the Necromancer class and some new Skills. The new class is a real AOE character as you can see which is always accompanied by her pets.

Grim Scythe: You take a swing with a huge Scythe to deal damage to all enemies around you and restore Essence.

Blood Nova: Unleash a nova dealing damage to all enemies around you.

Devour: Consume corpses to restore Essence and power other skills

Blood Golem: Summon a powerful pet, the Blood Golem, which can drain blood from your enemies, deal damage and restore your health.

Blood Rush: Swiftly move and do damage to your enemies.

Leech: Turn your enemies into allies, transfering their life energy to you while you are attacking them.

During my session I noticed that its really great to make use of the Blood Rush + Nova combination. The feeling I got from this hero is that its really overpowered but that is exactly what the producers want you to feel: “All our character are OP, we want to give players the feeling that they are greater than life,” Matthew Beger, Senior Game Designer told me during the Q&A.

The Necromancer for Diablo 3 has been developed during a Diablo Game Jam, one of the events Blizzard organizes in their office, during which they found the character really good and fun to play! After that, they decided to develop and release the class during the 20th anniversary of Diablo. “it just hit the nostalgia of Diablo and it’s different enough to stand apart from the other classes” – said Rob Foote, Lead Game Producer during the Q&A session.

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Rise of the Necromancer will only contain the character with a few extra’s. However, Patch 2.6 (free for everybody) will contain two new zones, The Temple of the FirstBorn and Shourded Moors, both zones will be available in Adventure Mode. In total the pack will include two new class slots, an in-game pet, cosmetic wings, two stash tabs (PC), portrait frame, penant, a banner and a banner sigil. There is no date for a PTR version yet or price announced. Release will be in the second half of this year for all platforms.