BattleChat started in 2015 in the Benelux and is now making her way international. Our mission is to provide Blizzard Enthusiast the latest news, reviews, trailers, cosplay and  many more. Our audience is primarily male & female 16-54 with a passion for gaming and especially Blizzard games. Today – Our site already has monthly more than over one hundred thousand visitors and growing. 

Sebastiaan Kissing

Great passion for gaming and eSports, also fascinated by design and video. Sebastiaan is Founder and CEO. Contact: Sebastiaan.Kissing@medializard.nl

Nick Nijland

Dedicated Overwatch player and you can wake him up for a Heroes of the Storm match Nick is our Chief-Editor.

Camiel Toxopeus

Camiel is responsible for our Sales. He has direct contact with the editorial office so that we can provide a perfect campaign.

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